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Fayette County Bail Bondsman: What is a bail bond?

fayette county bail bondsman

Fayette County Bail bonds are a way of posting money to the court as security to have the defendant released from custody while awaiting trial. They are also called releases, bail bonds, or security.

Despite the fact that many defendants released on bail will eventually show up for their court appearances, it has been determined that some defendants will break the law again. This is not only due to the fact that they have broken one law before but because they might not want to come back to face their charges and possibly go through trial. Bail bonds work as a deterrent against future crimes because they provide an incentive for defendants to return for their court date and not commit another crime.

Fayette County Bail Bonds: What is the cost of a bail bond?

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Bail bonds are determined through different methods. For example, some jurisdictions use a schedule that dictates what the fee for a certain crime will be. Other jurisdictions depend on each case being assessed separately to determine how much money should be made available to release someone from jail. Most jails allow people to post the entire amount but most bail bond companies will not represent someone without putting down 10% of the total bail. The average cost for a bail bondsman is about 12% of the total bail.

Fayette County Bail Bondsman: How do I get a bail bond?

The first thing to do when arrested and taken into custody is to request an attorney from the police department. If the defendant is given a public defender, then that attorney should be able to help you get in touch with a bail agent. Some bail bond companies require the first payment (usually 10%) before they will post your bond and other places will let you make payments as needed until it is paid off.

Fayette County Bail Bondsman: What happens if I miss my initial court date?

If you miss your court date and fail to make contact with the police or your attorney, then most jurisdictions will issue a warrant for your arrest. If you are picked up on this warrant, then you might have to go back to jail until the new bail amount is set by the judge. In order to get out of jail, your bail agent will have to come up with the entire amount or you could try to post bail on your own. However, if you miss more than one court date you might have to wait until the next court date for which you are being held in order to find out what will happen with your case.

Fayette County Bail Bondsman: What is a fugitive warrant?

If you leave your original jurisdiction to avoid being tried for the crime with which you have been charged, then this is called a fugitive. When people are declared fugitives, they are wanted by law enforcement officials for having broken the law. Some jurisdictions will issue either federal or state warrants that are called “bail” warrants because they are for the person who has tried to avoid standing trial. The bail bonds that were posted as bond might be taken out of their original bond amount and a special fugitive warrant is issued, making it possible for law enforcement agents to go after you even in another state or country.

Fayette County Bail Bondsman: What is an “own recognizance” release?

Some jurisdictions will allow people to get out of jail without having to put up any money for bail. This type of release is called “own recognizance” because basically it is when a defendant promises to come back and stand in court in order to avoid going back to jail and wait until their trial date. However, if you fail to show up then you might have to go back to jail or be issued a regular warrant.

Fayette County Bail Bondsman: What is a surety bond?

A surety bond is when someone posts a certain amount of money with the court in order to get another person out of jail. The amount that will be required by the court will depend on what crime was committed. In instances of violent crimes, a higher bond amount will be required to get the person out of jail. A person who agrees to post this type of bond agree to pay the full amount if the defendant fails to show up for their court date.

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